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Water ripple art on the wall

2022-09-072 minute read

There are many kinds of waves in this world: water waves, light waves, electromagnetic waves, radio waves, etc., but many waves are only present for a short time, and even our naked eyes cannot see them. But the sky-defying Italian artist Loris Cecchini fixed the water waves on the wall through artistic creation.

Loris has an ever-changing collection of relief sculptures called “Wallwave Vibration,” in which he transforms the walls of an art gallery into undulating ponds that look like the entire wall has melted. Each side relief is first digitally produced, then made of polyester resin, and finally painted with white paint to make the wall and the relief seamless.

With this collection of “Wallwave Vabration” reliefs, Loris brings out the purest beauty in nature in pure colors. His works express the physical element of vibration through different tensions and frequencies, and use visual patterns to reflect the wave phenomenon of the water surface.

To a certain extent, this work tends to be more architectural, and it can even be said that it is a part of the building, which fully reflects the close connection between the relief and the wall.

Other works by Loris also emphasize physical phenomena as the reason for the existence of physics and senses. He presents us with unique and complex natural principles with a series of visual patterns, revealing some invisible processes in this era.

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