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Wall mirror

2022-09-032 minute read

Creating an unforgettable creative background wall has become the focus of home design. The mirror background wall design occupies a very important position in the home environment. It is generally used in the living room, living room and master bedroom. It attracts the attention of visitors and is a special space that reflects the owner’s taste and personalization. For the background wall of art glass mosaic mirrors, we must first consider the size of the wall. When designing, if the background wall is too small, the overall appearance will be too stingy, and if the design is too large, the living room will appear depressing. In order to make the background wall coordinate with the whole and have a full decorative effect, the correct way is to determine the size of the background wall according to the size of the living room or the size of the TV.

The artistic glass mirror background wall can be very modern due to its exaggerated and unique shape, or it can return to tradition and reflect simplicity. Even if you are doing graphic design, it is best to design the artistic glass mirror background wall. It is too cold to use only one shape as the background wall, and it is better to mix and match with other types. Unique performance effect, through different colors to match the overall decorative style, bring unique reflective effect and lighting, play the role of finishing touch. Unique artistic expression, different geometric figures adorn the environment with color matching, improve the overall decoration taste, and add the icing on the cake.

The selected materials can also be colorful, stone, glass, bronze, etc., which can be matched with almost any ideal modern decorative effect. Determine the overall decoration style of the family, and design the shape of the artistic glass mirror background wall.

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