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Wall decoration _ Tips for choosing wall paintings

2022-09-192 minute read

Painting is a special type of art that does not emphasize high artistry, but pays great attention to coordination with the environment and beautifying effects. As an integral part of the soft decoration, it plays a role in embellishing the space and enriching the space level. Of course, as long as the right painting is selected, it can also become the finishing touch of the entire space.

In addition to personal preferences blending into the home, the selection of paintings requires attention to matching skills. How to choose, how to hang, how to match?

First of all, determine the type of painting according to the style of home decoration, such as the style and color of the painting, the material and shape of the frame. Try to choose hand-painted oil paintings. There are imitation oil paintings with printing and coloring in the market, which will oxidize and change color after a long time. Calligraphy, Chinese painting, lacquer painting, etc. appear in Chinese style. Modern fashion or abstract themes are generally in modern style, of course, European style. It is none other than classical realistic painting, and it is another matter if there is room for mixing and matching styles. When choosing a painting, the homeowner must remember to impose personal preferences, the contrast is too strong, and it is not recommended that the painting be completely isolated and spaced. If you don’t know how to choose the color of the painting, the best way is to extract the main color from the home, so that the color of the painting can be coordinated with the decoration style. Of course, the material and shape of the frame can be modified according to the space, and it is enough for the shape of the painting to form one or two focal points.

If it is deep and stable furniture, the simple and elegant paintings are relatively harmonious. If the home decoration is bright and concise, it is best to choose lively, warm, avant-garde, and abstract. The most important thing, of course, is to choose what you like, others are secondary.

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