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Wall art prints

2022-08-272 minute read

Walls become a necessary carrier for displaying creativity and style. Wall decor offers a viable way to update a home space and is especially suitable for those looking to update their current aesthetic.

Emerging styling trends range from the expression of joyful creativity through traditional fine arts such as painting, sculpture and illustration, to the tactility and unique quality of handcrafted designs such as small ceramics and large-scale textile art. Nature inspires creative sculptural designs and displays of plants on walls and shelves.

Taking a selfie with the bookshelf, the small shelving provides the opportunity to display a personal collection of decorative accessories. Coordinated materials, tonal textures, and harmonious color schemes are the keys to creating an eclectic display. Keep it playful and restrained, adding sophistication to the decorative collection. Soft beige tones and mild terracotta tones infuse sculptural pieces and decorative bowls with understated warmth. The monochrome ceramic design blends beautifully with natural materials such as wood, jute and stone. Carefully chosen furnishings are designed to achieve a sense of balance and tranquility.

Artisanal techniques such as weaving, screen printing and embroidery are redefining tapestry design. The artistic assemblage adds a warm touch to the space with the help of textured weaves and coarse yarns. Experiment with geometric and abstract shapes, stitching techniques and various seam effects. The handcrafted difference brings a one-of-a-kind character to the limited-edition collection. The palette covers the entire color gamut, from light neutrals to rich colors, and highlights cheerful self-expression with bright, saturated shades. Patchwork wall hangings use locally sourced linen fabrics and are eco-friendly with water-based inks and leftovers from the manufacturing process.

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