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Very small room interior design

2022-09-062 minute read

Many apartment types have a small room, even as small as 6 or 7 square meters. For rooms with an area of ​​less than 8 square meters, you may wish to consider designing a study, which is also a good solution. So, if you make such a small room a study, how to use the space cleverly?

1. Floor + desk
For such a room, the minimum area is about 2.5 meters wide * 2 meters long = about 5 square meters. A platform with a length of 2 meters and a width of 1.5 meters can be designed. In addition, a desk with a width of about 1 meter is designed at the head of the bed. Very compact and practical.

2. Floor + bookcase + desk
If the room area can reach about 2.5 meters * 2.5 meters = 6.25 square meters, you can add a set of bookcases on one side of the platform, the thickness of the bookcases can be made 30-40 cm thick, and the length of the platform can be made 2.1 About meters, the width can be about 1.5 meters, and the placement of desks with a length of about 1 meter is the same as the above.

3. Floor + double bookcase + desk
If the area of ​​the room can reach about 2.5 meters long * 3 meters wide = 7.5 square meters, then you can consider designing the single-sided bookcase above as a double-sided bookcase. The length of the platform is 2.2 meters, the width is 1.5 meters, the thickness of the cabinets on both sides is about 40cm, and the length of the desk is about 1 meter.
Of course, if the area is smaller, there is also a way to design it as a double-sided bookcase. Just like the case below, a set of bookcases is designed on one side of the platform, and there is no bookcase on the other side. It is directly against the wall and on the ground. A set of bookcases can be designed outside the desk.

4. the rational use of balconies and bay windows
If there is a balcony or bay window in the small room by chance, when designing, you might as well use the balcony or bay window to make it part of the platform, and the area will be more fully utilized.
It can be seen from the above cases that through the precise layout of the floor tatami, bookcase and desk, even a small room with an area of ​​less than 8 square meters can be designed into a beautiful study.

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