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Very nice Christmas tree decoration in the yard

2022-09-182 minute read

Pine Ball Candy

Cut off a small branch of the evergreen needle-leaf pine, insert it in the flower blue, and match it with the branches and leaves of pine cones and other green plants, it is a good scenery. If you don’t have a dedicated large potted container at home, you can also choose the smaller Japanese flat pine. As Christmas approaches, remember to decorate your potted plants with colorful balls and candy bags.

spherical decoration

The potted combination of all kinds of evergreen plants in winter is the best choice for small apartments, and it is also the perfect stage for displaying Christmas decorations. Birch branches, Sahara cypress, golden cypress, etc. are all good partners for ball ornaments, whether plastic, glass, metal, ceramic, or acrylic, add a lot of festive fun to the whole winter. .

mini christmas tree

There are spruce branches and arborvitae in the wrought iron barrel, like a mini Christmas tree, but as a potted plant, it can no longer be decorated on it. To add to the festive atmosphere of Christmas, some freshly cut cedar branches and needle pine leaves were randomly placed around the wrought iron barrel for a little decoration.

Festive Jewelry

After filling the small “Blue Star” variety of juniper bushes and arborvitae balls, the tin bucket, which is usually not holed, becomes a characteristic flower trough outside the glass window, and then surrounds the mouth of the bucket with Christmas ribbons, just like wearing a With a gorgeous necklace, you will have festive brilliance in a blink of an eye.

The porch overflows with life

Simply weave a hemispherical wire frame with cotton thread, and then hang it outside the porch with hooks, it becomes a simple hollow flower basket. You can pick up some fallen branches in the park or your own garden, like in this flower basket: a handful of birch twigs, green moss branches and pine balls, let’s put them in at will, and the porch will burst with life. machine.

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