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Vancouver specialty furniture and accessories store

2022-08-302 minute read

Specialty shops also hide high-quality and inexpensive boutiques. These boutiques are often stand-alone stores that carry all home-related products, from furniture to interior soft furnishings.

1. Pier 1 Imports
I really like the various decorations and furniture in this store. The design is unique, the furniture is of good quality, and the key is that the price is also approachable. 80% of the furniture and interior soft furnishings in my home are purchased from this store, making it the number one home accessories store in my heart. In my spare time, I often go shopping, and I can find a lot of good things in the clearance area.

2. Wayfair, an online furniture store
Wayfair is the largest furniture/home furnishing e-commerce company in the United States, with more than 12,000 suppliers providing products and services for its 5 brands, with a total of 7 million products included. It feels a bit like Taobao in China, where any furniture or home decor you can think of can be found on this site. At the same time, the website also has a large number of pictures, almost every furniture and decoration will have corresponding finished product matching pictures for reference!
However, because it is online shopping, you cannot see the actual furniture or decorations, so there is a risk of quality problems. In the process of buying furniture, you can find the style you like on the website, check the price, and then go to the physical store to bargain, you can also know the price.

3. Bombay & Company
This store cannot be regarded as a furniture store in the strict sense. Every big mall has it, ranging from cups, candle holders, mirrors, lamps, paintings, bedding, to beds, sofas, and outdoor seats, almost with home All relevant things can be found, and all kinds of things are unified in style, noble and elegant, you don’t have to rack your brains to match them, you can buy them when you go home. The quality of the furniture also looks very good and the price is moderate!
I especially like the various decorations in this store. They are very textured, unique and have a lot of charm. Friends who want to buy some special decorations can often go shopping!

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