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Urban outfitters home _ From the city to the outdoors, learn about wild life

2022-07-262 minute read

In 2020, we will start camping equipment one after another. In our spare time, we will go into the mountains and forests and step over the waves. Even when we are busy, we will also look for a moment of tranquility and extraordinary experience in the city park.

The city outdoor camping equipment with full texture is surrounded by lush plants when you sit down, as if you are in a quiet forest, and the sound of insects can be heard in your ears; Watching camping movies with people around you, temporarily forgetting the troubles of work and life, gravel ground, tropical plants, and canopy tents can bring people a unique sense of relaxation; Maybe you will come here to bake a piece of bread or squid by yourself, and a slightly tipsy cocktail may also be the reason for you to leave.

In this moment, the word “camping” is no longer a moment’s impression in your brain. Here you can experience camping without threshold; The cave like secret place and the right lighting bring a sense of mystery. Order a glass of wine here and drink for a night to open your happiness and surprise today.

You just need to feel this wonderful time with your friends, and we will be your outdoor aesthetic scenarist to realize the freedom of camping for you.

Camping is not far away, but a kind of life. No matter lonely or belonging, you can get self consistency in the natural mountains and plains; Of course, life is not just firewood, rice, oil, salt, vinegar, tea and reinforced concrete. Life is “nature” and should be “nature”. Returning to the mountains and plains, returning to natural simplicity, exploring physical and mental comfort and balance, and enjoying freedom and purity is what it looks like to live in “nature”. Create a spiritual home away from noise and trouble in the city, look up to the stars, empty yourself, and inspiration will flash through your mind like a meteor.

Unleash the charm of outdoor camping in the experience
Let everyone enjoy the pleasure of camping

Get self consistency in nature and mountains, and heal yourself in plants and jungles.

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