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Tulip garden _ French peach pink tulip

2022-09-062 minute read

Tulip (Tulipa gesneriana) is a perennial herb of the genus Tulipa in the Liliaceae family with bulbs. The English name is “Garden tulip” or “Didier’s tulip”. The tulip is widely believed to be native to Turkey and is the national flower of Turkey, the Netherlands, Hungary and other countries. It is widely planted all over the world, suitable for low temperature and has a very high survival rate. It is called the post-flowering of the world.

There is the Keukenhof Park, the largest tulip park in the world, in Lisse, a small town on the outskirts of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Since 1610, tulips have been very popular in the Netherlands, with prices rising between 1636 and 1637, with the price of a bulb rising to ten times the annual income of a skilled artisan, before falling rapidly after that, making Those who bought at the top lost badly. “Tulip mania”, together with the South Sea Bubble in Britain and the Mississippi Company Bubble in France, are known as the three major bubble events in modern Europe.

Potted bulbs are the cheapest, and imported flowers range from 10-20 yuan each. If you like it, you can buy a few seed bulbs and plant them at home.

About flower language and flower delivery guide

The following is an excerpt from the tulip flower language on the Internet. If there is a taboo, just pay attention to the white color and don’t give it away casually.

White: pure love, also represents lovelorn, lost love.
Red: passionate love, declaration of love, joy
Pink: beauty, love, happiness
Yellow: cheerful, noble, precious, wealth
Purple: Loyal Love
Black: Unique Leader Power

️The petals of tulips are relatively brittle after withering, so they are not suitable for making dried flowers
️Tulips absorb water and grow very fast, and they can grow three centimeters in one night
The stem of the tulip is relatively soft, suitable for a straight tube or a closed vase
️White tulips are very suitable for dyeing and can be used to produce many special retro colors
️The leaves will gradually turn yellow with the flowering period, but it will not affect the normal growth of flowers

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