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Tropical garden

2022-08-302 minute read

An open home, a cool tropical style home for a family to share, hoping their children will raise their children here too. The design relies on the relationship between people and people and nature, where the family and nature can share this space.

The architects integrated plants, water bodies and living spaces into one. Such a layout combines natural light, natural ventilation and passive cooling. It also creates an eco-friendly environment that benefits the whole. The old retaining wall in the foyer, which was leaking and leaking all the year round, was transformed into a waterfall-like green garden. If tourists come now, they can experience the tropical rainforest and small waterfalls in a three-dimensional and all-round way. The buildings on the existing terrain not only play a role in occupying land, but also play a significant role in the planting of tropical fruit trees. The planting of tropical fruit trees cools the surrounding environment and also provides thermal insulation.

The planned home is like an oasis on the block, with an open-air viewing deck and waterfall-like greenery surrounding a biological pool and pond. These are rainwater harvesting areas, and the recycled rainwater is used to irrigate green plants. Plant corridors create natural boundaries between rooms and overlook the pool in the center of the house.

Next, I plan to “plant” a passion fruit bridge. The climbing vines on the bridge will shade the sunset and protect privacy. Here, you can get in touch with nature. Here, tropical high-quality living is redefined.

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