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The most simple and comfortable apartment _ Angelica Chernenko

2022-08-132 minute read

In a minimalist and comfortable apartment, the material and proportion are coordinated, the function and form are laid out, and the height of freedom is achieved, so that the space gives a sense of tranquillity.

Through the gateway, the warm living room is like a quilt in winter to surround you, the elements of beige make the whole appear so warm, harmonious, the elegant temperament of the space and out, let people seem to be in the warm embrace.

The artistic chandelier, although not too much decoration, but the cold noble temperament in the transmission of simple beauty, the overall expression of Tao Yuanming’s sense of seclusion.

The kitchen was not closed, the designer made an open design, the overall space became rich and surplus, the characteristic chandelier added a playful.

With the integration of metal elements, the space becomes more blessed with texture, bringing noble luxury, and rich artistic flavor and ease.

The designer’s fundamental design core is used in the master bedroom, comfort, freedom is her life creed, there is almost no jump color in the space, giving a cold feeling of white and light gray will be surrounded here, the outline of all objects are very clear, Give a natural enjoyment.

Splash marble will be elegant freehand brushwork temperament filled with the bathroom, simple, gorgeous, perfect space with a bright.

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