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The garden shop _ Featured Green Plant Stores in Philadelphia

2022-08-262 minute read

Many people living in Philadelphia occasionally look around their homes and want to decorate with plants, but don’t know where to find the right plants and flowers.

To this end, we have introduced several florists and plant stores located all over Philadelphia this time. They have different focuses. Whether you are looking for garden plants, indoor green plants, or even event flower decoration, you can find them. The best store for you.

City Planter
Whether you’re looking to fill your backyard with morning glory or picking out tropical houseplants, this store sells flowers in a variety of growing seasons, from annuals to perennials. The store provides services such as home delivery of flowers, repotting, and rehabilitation counseling for sick plants.

This is a small plant store for gardening beginners and enthusiasts that can help you decorate your home and garden in every way. In addition to selling plants, they can also help you install window frames for planters and collaborate with local artists to sell their crafts.

Secret Garden
This store focuses on garden plants, where you can find all kinds of garden plants, fruits and even vegetables to decorate your yard.

STUMP is different from traditional plant stores, taking a high-end simple and fashionable route. The store decoration is similar to that of a buyer’s store, giving you an exquisite shopping experience.

The shop goes bohemian and sells not only blueberry, raspberry and blackberry plants, but also begonias, assorted ferns, and hanging Spanish moss. For those who are not good at gardening, but want to add greenery indoors, this store also sells a large number of artificial plants, many of which can even be placed on the dining table as fake. There is a restaurant attached to the store, where you can taste dishes made from local produce.

Urban Jungle
Originally an auto repair shop, it was converted into a warehouse-style plant store. All kinds of indoor plants are mainly sold here, and there are various types. The store also has a special landscape design service that can help you match the plant decorations throughout the space.

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