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Sticks and Sushi _ Recommended restaurants in England

2022-09-043 minute read

Having tried many dishes, here are the ones I think are worth recommending:

【HOTATE KATAIFI-Fried Scallops】

I will give this dish full marks for both its appearance and taste! I can’t wait as soon as I serve it, the crispy and refreshing skin is wrapped in a soft and smooth scallop, and it is matched with crunchy fish roe. Explosive taste, simply perfect. Aioli balances the fishy smell of fish roe, I believe that children who don’t like to eat fish roe will also love it. This restaurant makes me feel like innovative European-style dishes combined with Japanese dishes, not only for the taste, but also for their exquisite posing and understanding of the concepts behind them.

【WAGYU YAKI – Grilled Wagyu Beef Skewers】

As soon as it was served, it was fragrant, accompanied by a sizzling sound. The beef is tender on the outside and tender on the inside, especially fragrant, with a melting-in-the-mouth feeling. Personally think it is sweeter than Engawa’s grilled wagyu beef gravy. The higher-grade meat does not need to be marinated in advance. It is recommended to eat it directly to feel the original mellow flavor of the meat. Eating two skewers in a row is simply irresistible! Children who like beef must not miss it!

【ERINGI-Roasted King Oyster Mushroom】
has a special apricot flavor, the meat is thick but chewy, at first I thought I was eating chicken cartilage. I think it would be more perfect if you add some five spice powder or chili powder.

【BLACK COD DAIKON – Black Cod Sushi】

When I first saw this sushi, I felt like an ordinary avocado eel roll. There was nothing special about the presentation, and I didn’t look forward to this dish. But when I took my first bite, I was amazed. The meat of the cod is white and tender, combined with the freshness of asparagus, the soft rice is drizzled with a special sauce, it is really delicious. Moreover, the cod itself has high nutritional value. It is healthy and satiety when paired with rice. I feel that it is worthy of the price.

[Environment and service]
This restaurant needs to reserve a table in advance. Upstairs is a happy gathering table, most of which are young couples or friends gathering for dinner, and there is a bar downstairs where you can watch the bartending while eating. The layout and colors of the restaurant are cold and windy, but the waiters and receptionists here are especially warm and attentive. The 15% service charge is included in the bill, and overall the price can be a bit high, depending on what you order, as mentioned above, the total serving for 2 persons is 140 lbs.

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