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Shop interior design

2022-09-0654 second read

The YME store is located in a beautiful old building dating from 1844 between the Royal Palace and Karl Johans 39 in Oslo, which is the epitome of Parisian architecture.

The new store contains shops, galleries, bookstores, cafes, and in the future there will be a roof garden. The various interior decoration styles of the store shine in their respective fields, and the store inspired by the Nordic legend of ice and fire is full of fashion and art as a whole.

The main entrance is a huge pine wood parametric decoration. Cooler tones are used throughout the first floor, mainly to highlight product and store features. In contrast to the first floor is the dark third floor, and the warm second floor is in between, the solid wood floor is combined with the preserved traces of the original old building, showing an extraordinary sense of historical quality.

From the second floor follow a spiral steel staircase up to the third floor in black tones. There are various book and art cafes here, and the future is also the passage to the roof garden.

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