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Sensory garden _ Perfect transformation in the back garden

2022-07-272 minute read

Butterwakefield, a garden designer, was born in a small farm in the United States and has been with dogs and horses since childhood. Her grandfather was a famous local gardener, and her mother also loved the garden very much. Their enthusiasm for plants accompanied her growth experience, which affected her current work.

When it first moved to London, this abandoned garden was overgrown with weeds, several shrubs with no shape, and the only two trees to be thankful for – Magnolia grandiflora and apple tree.

But as a garden designer, butterer sees the potential of this garden. It took her 18 years to transform her back garden perfectly. The garden hasn’t been greatly changed. Butterer is more about adjusting his garden from plants. In the long flower border on both sides, the shape of Taxus chinensis has been added, and various perennial flowers have been planted, with green, purple and white plants as the main tone, such as Euphorbia, Carex, Lupin, tulip, bayberry, Rehmannia glutinosa, Schizonepeta, rose and Geranium. Various plants have different shapes and textures, and different flowering periods, which bring ornamental value to the flower border all year round.

Designer butter has almost witnessed the development of this small village, from the original large vegetable gardens, fields and large tracts of wasteland to wide roads and buildings. Therefore, butter misses the wild flower meadow he once saw, and “reappears” the first appearance at that time in this small garden.

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