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Salad dressing _ Salad dressing evaluation

2022-07-272 minute read

German Guanli’s search popularity on a treasure is second only to Chubi. Among the evaluators, there are also Guanli enthusiasts. Before eating, boast that their appearance is really high.

The online evaluation of this French salad dressing is simply two extremes. People who love it should dip it in whatever they eat, and those who don’t love it will throw it away when they open the bottle. But on the whole, this sauce is more refreshing with vegetables.

The calorie of Italian salad dressing is unexpectedly low! After looking at the ingredient list, I found that the main ingredients of this product are water, vegetable oil, vinegar, salt, and basil. No wonder it looks thinner.

Before, some netizens had made Guanli’s salad dressing ranking, and the oil vinegar juice was firmly the champion. The price is not expensive and the calories are low. It seems to be a good choice for eating grass.

Yes, it’s Caesar with crispy bread granules and parmesan cheese crumbs, which is standard in Western restaurants.

There are many ways to make Caesar sauce on the Internet, but it is said that Guanli has a good restore of the classic taste, which is very suitable for lazy people. The evaluator also gave high scores, but the calories

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