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Room design with double the space

2022-08-312 minute read

Speaking of design, in fact, everyone’s views on him are different. Certainly the project is a residence in Moldova with an area of about 105㎡. Designers design the apartment, mainly using dark color and a large number of simple furniture, so that the space becomes very stylish.First look at the living room, the living room walls are mainly white and light gray splicing each other. In addition, brown cloth sofa and light carpet, in the visual impact on the owner, but let the whole space become very hierarchical. In order to effectively make the whole space more open, the kitchen, dining room, living room directly integrated, but also with the help of marble table, with gray dining chair to make the entire dining area elegant and comfortable.

It has to be said that the bedroom also uses the tone of the living room, in the product is used black and light color walls and carpet effective foil, in fact, the overall design is like an island, become eye-catching but also relatively unique.To say that the design of the children’s room is relatively soft, first of all, the four weeks of the single bed are wrapped in soft flannelette mats, and the night lights in the shape of rabbits are placed on the bedside table, which brings a little childlike interest to the whole room.

The design in the study is actually relatively simple, some spacious windows to the entire space brought sufficient light, and the black desk with orange seats, not only appear calm, but also very unique.

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