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Pop design for room

2022-08-215 minute read

Many people say that they do not know how to decorate the small bedroom. Many people simply use it as a temporary small study, utility room, etc., which is really a waste.

In fact, as long as you design it well, the small bedroom can also be transformed into the family’s favorite living space. So now, how to design the small bedroom to be more brilliant, let’s take a look at the following?

1. Upgrade tatami + cabinet

Putting the upgraded tatami in the second bedroom is a decoration method that many people like now, because it has multiple functions and powerful storage and storage functions, which is one of the reasons why many people like it. In addition, tatami + cabinet + desk Or the integrated custom design of the dresser, so that there is no waste of space. Friends can choose different wardrobe styles and colors according to their own preferences, so that the small and dim bedroom can be upgraded immediately into a beautiful multi-functional room.

The space under the tatami can be used as a storage space, and a side drawer-type cabinet can be used. In addition, attention should be paid to the load-bearing capacity of the panel when designing. If the home is equipped with floor heating, you need to pay attention to the storage under the tatami. Be careful not to be afraid of heat. thing.

The length and width of tatami can be determined according to the area of ​​your own room, and the height of tatami needs to be determined according to the height of your home. Generally, the height of tatami is in the range of 350-450mm. If the room is lower than 2.7 meters, the height of tatami cannot be Higher than 400mm, otherwise there will be a sense of depression.

The small bedroom is generally not well lit, so it is a good choice to add a light strip in the bedroom. The light strip is not only beautiful, but also can increase the auxiliary lighting of the space, making the space brighter, and it is easy to create a high-end look. Lose the romantic atmosphere.

The cabinet in the bedroom can be designed in combination of open and closed, or it can be decorated with glass cabinet doors and added with light strips. It is advanced and beautiful. I believe that both adults and children will fall in love with this space.

2.Throw away bedside tables, wardrobes, and push the bed against the wall to free up space for more possibilities in the bedroom

For small bedrooms, on the premise of not changing the load-bearing pattern, you can try to place the bed in the bedroom against the wall, so as to leave a more spacious aisle moving line, and at the same time, a larger bed can be placed. The traditional bulky bedside table can be replaced to free up space and make the bedroom appear larger and more comfortable.

What to use instead of a bedside table in a small bedroom? A small chair, an iron shelf, and a small basket transformed are all good bedside table replacements.

In addition to placing the bed against the wall and removing a traditional bedside table, the standard wardrobe in the bedroom can also be changed.

We can plan a storage room of 2-3 square meters in the small bedroom according to the apartment type. The storage capacity of this space is definitely larger than that of a 3-meter-long cabinet. In addition to clothes, other daily necessities can also be put in, such as luggage. According to your own preferences and habits, you can choose a partition method that suits your home style, such as sliding doors, louvered accordion curtains, or even cloth curtains, etc., which can not only save space, reduce formaldehyde pollution, but also save customization. locker money.

3.Invisible bed – small room, can also be used in one room

The key to the decoration of small-sized bedrooms is to improve the utilization of space. How to meet the needs of sleeping, storage, and office in a small space? The invisible bed is a good choice. The invisible bed is also known as the wall bed. The invisible bed is the perfect combination of the second bedroom, study and storage.

With just one touch, the self-lifting bed can change functions according to needs. The bedroom can be a leisure hall, a study room, or a cloakroom for storing wardrobes. One room is mostly used under the action of invisible beds. .

It can be used as a bookcase in the study room. When guests come to the house, this bookcase can be rotated 180 degrees, turning it into a comfortable big bed. It can be used for multiple purposes in one room, which not only greatly saves space, but also is very comfortable.

No matter how small the bedroom area is, as long as we can have a large space through clever layout design, which design is your favorite?

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