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Plant store _ Power of plants

2022-09-174 minute read

New York Chinatown Plant Store – THE SILL

Living in the city, we long to be close to nature, and the best way is to bring plants home. In recent years, interior space design is setting off a new green force, and green plants have become the most frequently photographed decorative elements in home magazines, architecture magazines and product design catalogs.

Driven by the design trend, more and more people will buy a lot of green plants to decorate their homes, which also makes the studio that sells green plants and focuses on green plants a new business model.

There is a plant shop called The Sill at No. 84 Hurst Street in the noisy Chinatown. From the glass window facing the street, the house is filled with lush green plants, ranging from large broad-leaved plants to table tops. Small potted plants are available. But the owner of this store is by no means as small and fresh as you think. Eliza Blank, a beautiful store owner who graduated from New York University, has a keen business vision. As early as when she was an intern at Wolff Olins, the world’s most influential brand design company It was born to create a “consumer-oriented” plant concept brand. As a brand planner, Eliza’s work focuses on finding suitable business opportunities for brands from social trends and details of life.

In terms of quality, The Sill will never introduce cheap fertilizer plants. Eliza will personally visit the supplier partners in Florida every year to check the quality of the supply to ensure that The Sill’s products are all “longevity” organic plants. According to different customers, Eliza will also make corresponding suggestions, guiding them how to choose the right products according to their home environment, lifestyle and even budget. In terms of price, The Sill offers everything from a $5 mini succulent to a $500 fig tree.

Mobile Plant Greenhouse – TULA

Every weekend, a dark green pickup truck with saturated color drives on the streets of New York. From the appearance, it is no different from the food trucks that sell food on the streets of the United States, but it is actually a mobile greenhouse full of plants. The owners of the mobile greenhouse, called Tulita, are former advertising creative director Christan Summers and advertising designer Ivan Martinez.

Tula Plants & Design focuses on plant planting and design. While selling green plants and handmade clay flowerpots, it will also hold salon activities to teach you how to better maintain green plants at home. In addition, they will regularly hold pottery classes to teach you how to make textured clay flower pots.

When meeting customers who are inexperienced in planting, Christan and Ivan will patiently teach and give pertinent opinions without reservation. If you want to grow a pot of fig trees that are most featured in interior decoration magazines, but the home does not face south If it is, they will tell you directly to stop thinking about it, even if it looks really beautiful. Because for them, raising a plant is like raising a small animal, you have to be responsible for it, and if there is not enough light and water, the life of the plant will not last long.

In addition, they collaborate with ceramist Jordan Colon to launch a different series of clay pots every season, providing a variety of plants and home decoration tips, teaching everyone how to decorate your home into a comfortable space with plants.

The Tulita Green Pickup Truck is a mobile version of Tula Plants & Design, which brings the living aesthetics advocated by Christan and Ivan to all corners of New York. Every weekend, Christan and Ivan drive it around the city streets, setting up stalls to wait for customers to arrive. Tulita is also a unique invention of Christan and Ivan, before them, no one had ever opened a plant shop on a truck.

Tulita not only solves the problem of no fixed plant store in some areas, but also changes people’s inherent concept and consumption experience of plant stores. “When people see Tulita for the first time, they think about what it is, and when they find out that this is a plant store, they may have the idea of ​​buying a plant, but which one should they buy?” Tulita’s Christan and Ivan are like a pair of plant life home shuttles in the city. They believe that plants are by no means a dispensable item placed in a corner. They have fresh life just like people and can make a home more comfortable. like home.

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