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Natural logs, pure warmth

2022-08-182 minute read

has created a top floor residence in Kiev with great charm. The broad vision and excellent geographical environment have created the core of this design team. They bring in light, use more warm color materials, and make the space more tidy and orderly.

The window design has the feeling of gallery, the frame and the wall are covered. This kind of element makes the kitchen, dining room and other areas integrated. Not only that, the designer also sets heating elements and various elements under each window.

Floor designers use concrete materials, and pure white gypsum body pavement wall, so that the color of the space is more rich, wood color has become by the content, not monotonous.

The space layout of the kitchen is very spacious, with smooth and neat lines. The island platform is also integrated with pure white tone, delicate and smooth. After this kind of elements are integrated into the wood color space, the kitchen not only has modern charm, but also has home style.

A little special is that the sofa in each area is not consistent, and people design according to different functions, giving people a unique sense of freshness.

The design of the bedroom is very in line with the definition of the rest space, warm and comfortable. The overall wood color tone makes people have a strong sense of sleep. The bathroom also adds geometric elements to make the space not monotonous, elegant and interesting.

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