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127㎡ modern style living room

2022-08-312 minute read

About the design of the gateway, the modern style corridor is built, the mirror of the whole floor is adopted, the angle of view of the space can be widened, the whole house wood floor makes the space appear gentle and add, and the white facade sets off each other.In the design of the living room, the most striking is that the concave and convex TV background wall, light beige soft and black paint fusion set off the space mysterious and soft tonality.

In order to make the whole space bigger, the guest restaurant is merged into one, and for the kitchen is simple and bright, so there is no too much decoration, the dining environment is warm and simple, and the chandelier with design sense adds artistic flavor to the space.

The design of the bedroom is relatively Japanese, using a gray rice wind bed frame and a few soft auxiliary lights, playing a role in rendering, rendering the secret atmosphere of the living room, and extending the appropriate light. Several green plants add a little breath.

The biggest highlight of this design is to create an independent corner of the negotiation area, decoration still highlights the sense of luxury, modern lotus root powder sofa and hanging painting, inadvertently brimming with a hint of exquisite and luxurious sense of leisure, Strong practicability can ensure the secrecy of the work.

In the bathroom design, the overall look bright and very simple, and also has the convenience, the translucent gray glass reasonably will dry and wet area stripped away, the wood color gives warm, comfortable home feeling.

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