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Minimalist style single apartment design

2022-08-1455 second read

How single apartments can be designed to fit the whole theme of single, probably very simple life is a person’s high match. As a result, designers in a large area of 170㎡ single apartment, the main pursuit is the Nordic style of design. From color, material to furniture selection is a complete embodiment of the minimalist theme.

Design flavor is how to play a seemingly monotonous pattern. The designer subtly links the dining room to the living room and matches some interesting chandeliers and hanging paintings to make the space more interesting.

In order to carry out the simple style to the end, the designer even chooses the furniture is the simple style, when the household enters the house, a modern elegant breath will come.

About the restaurant design, the designer uses the original style, the primitive island platform matches the rough table and chair, enters the house, has a kind of movie picture feeling.

Designers are committed to creating a quiet and comfortable sleep space, the pursuit of a simple style, with an independent bathroom, in a transparent glass background, showing a hazy beauty.

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