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Longwood Garden _ Treasure Garden in the Valley

2022-09-032 minute read

Nestled in Brandy Valley, Chester County, Pennsylvania, Longwood Gardens is the number one private garden in the United States with 11,000 plant species spread across 1,000 acres of gardens, meadows, woodlands and elaborate horticultural displays. The garden was originally created by Pierre Dupont in 1906 and is known worldwide for his contributions to botany, design, education and art.

The garden has a total of 31 outdoor gardens, 21 indoor gardens, and 4 fountains, with different views throughout the year. Throughout the gardens you can see a wide variety of wildlife including deer, butterflies, birds, beavers, bees and more. The combination of flowering plants, leafy greens and ornamental grasses changes with the seasons, taking on a wealth of form, texture and color. From April, all 125,000 flowers bloom.

Summer brings the most popular annuals, herbs, native perennials, and showy tropical foliage and flowers. As the days shorten, fall blooms of goldenrod, sage, chrysanthemum and asters replace out-of-season plants that remain in the garden after frost. The botanical design is based on loose color blocks, transitioning from lilac and blue in the west, to pink, red and orange in the middle, and ending in bright yellow and white at the east end. Lime-green and burgundy plants create a visual line along the garden.

The hillside garden features late summer and early autumn flowering shrubs and perennials, and features a stone-stacked platform. Visitors can take in the breathtaking views of the hillside as they walk up the stairs to the tower. The annual garden is mostly planted with spring-blooming bulbs and summer-blooming annuals. Gardeners create different beautiful plant combinations every year, balancing the colors, textures, forms and proportions of the plants well to create a harmonious landscape. Combination gardens are a creative mix of small flowering trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and bulbs. Highlighting the beauty of plants in all seasons, the Combination Garden is a dynamic design that celebrates the changing seasons.

Container gardens can bring beauty to even the smallest of outdoor spaces. Talented gardeners combine a variety of tropical, hardy and flowering plants in beautiful and creative containers. The perennial garden is planted with perennial herbs, and the combination of long bloom times and rich botanical textures makes this garden look spectacular in any season.

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