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Longwood garden _ Eden on earth

2022-07-283 minute read

A spring seeker cannot but go to Longwood Gardens.

In April of early spring, the weather was slightly cold. Although only tulips bloomed in the outdoor flower bed of Changmu garden, those tulips were in different colors and forms. They were spread and displayed on the neatly manicured green lawn, which was very beautiful. There was also a strong fragrance from hyacinth, which brought the beauty of spring.

Changmu garden was originally a farm, so there were large fields, which were full of long withered and yellow weeds. Standing on the path between the weeds, you could see oneortwo houses in the distance. Threeorfour lilac trees in front of the houses opened purple flowers, forming a beautiful landscape under the blue sky and white clouds.

The greenhouse of Changmu garden is the noble in the greenhouse, with extraordinary bearing. There are not only a wide variety of flowers and plants, but also neat layout and style. Among the flowers, there are chairs for tourists to rest, and even a four person band to accompany them. When appreciating the flowers, there is a graceful elegance.

If in summer, roses and Bauhinia flowers are in full bloom, and the green leaves of Parthenocissus cover the walls, the scene must be shocking. Summer travel plans should include a second visit to the Changmu garden.

Longwood garden is located in the quiet brandy Valley outside Philadelphia, covering an area of about 435 hectares. It has 20 outdoor gardens and 20 greenhouse gardens, in which more than 11000 kinds of plants are cultivated.

Dense and towering trees, rich and magnificent flower borders, magnificent and flexible fountains and artistic greenhouses together constitute the unique temperament of the Longwood garden, which is very much like the secret land of Eden mentioned in the Bible – “all kinds of trees grow from the ground, full of all kinds of exotic flowers and fruits, the Great Lakes flow in the garden, and the fountains nourish the earth”. Influenced by European garden culture, the main fountain highlights the axisymmetric and regular layout. The surrounding plants are mainly in the style of exquisite gardening pruning and neat arrangement. On one side of the great lake, there is a small fountain garden, which is more pleasant in scale than the main fountain. The blue water under the sky forms a strong visual contrast with the surrounding green trees.

The garden path is the most attractive place, and the flower border shows different colors, textures and rhythms with the seasons. Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and scallions bloom luxuriously in spring, herbs and local perennial plants emit the temperament of aloes in summer, and Salvia miltiorrhiza, chrysanthemums and asters stand gracefully in the frost season in autumn. Here, you can’t feel beauty all the time. The brilliance of the purple flower border, the purity of the blue flower border, the innocence of the pink flower border, and the enthusiasm of the yellow flower border make people really intoxicated with the charm of plants.

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