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Simple and refined living room

2022-08-3157 second read

For the construction of 124 square meters, the designer mainly adopts light color tone and decoration, and is committed to creating a warm and warm atmosphere of the cabin. It is simple and soft, seemingly cold but not lack of artistic flavor.Simple and elegant tone, can give people a sense of home comfort, with light color sofa and desk chair, show the elegant fashion of the cabin and a poetic beauty and tone.Dark lines of marble with wooden furniture, a retro, style, simple feeling in the whole quiet space is particularly prominent.

The bedroom design does not have too much fancy decoration, seemingly simple, but everywhere shows a low-key luxury atmosphere, with floor metal lamps, plush sheets and quilts, deep peach decorative surface, the design style is more centralized and integrated.The interior area of the bedroom is the bathroom, paved with orange and green marble, with distinct layers, which shows the flexible and lively charm of the bathroom, giving people a kind of elegant, bright, comfortable and comfortable feeling.

For the design of the whole space, from simple to clear color, clear lines, fully show the three-dimensional sense of space.

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