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Lake garden

2022-08-262 minute read

Seehof is located on high ground next to the village of Natz-Schabs near Brixen, Italy. Next to the base there is a small natural lake called Flötscher Weiher. Fully embodies “the value of focusing on nature and leisure.” This new design and business philosophy.

The Lake Garden Hotel is located in the mountains, with a combination of mountain features and Mediterranean flavors. The main building retains the grand country house style of the year, with deep balconies as open spaces that visually make the suites appear more spacious while creating a unique connection with nature. The exterior of the hotel is composed of rough earth-colored plastering and neat and refreshing horizontal wood structure, giving a laid-back and comfortable feeling.

The main house retains the style of a country stately residence. The new waterfront health area expresses the natural business philosophy. The rough wooden façade echoes nature.

The new spa area of ​​the Lake Garden Hotel includes a swimming pool and sauna, and its structure is closely integrated with the terrain, with impressive floor-to-ceiling windows and irregular pergola facing the lake. After the design, indoor visitors can enjoy the outdoor landscape from the best angle; while the open areas such as terraces, like a huge park, are naturally pleasant.

The design of the outdoor space is also an important part of the design of the lake garden. The architects created a natural union through walkways that can connect the different spaces, and the living cabins are distributed around the lake where people can meditate. The integration of architecture and environment is the most striking aspect of the project. The spa’s opaque green roof blends seamlessly with the surrounding forest and orchards, where people can sunbathe and enjoy the views. Architecture and landscape blend with each other without being separated from each other.

The outdoor heated swimming pool extends from the bath and is flush with the lake garden, creating a continuous and infinite water surface visually, giving it a unique feel. Architecture and interior design interact to form a complete design that allows people to play and relax in nature.

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