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kitchen wall tiles

2022-09-032 minute read

Nordic kitchens are not full of wall tiles? You must have noticed this issue before. Because of the problem of cooking habits, they often only lay tiles on the small wall between the cabinet and the wall cabinet, or only lay tiles on the wall that the cabinet touches, instead of the whole kitchen that is common in our country. brick.

So how should we learn from their practice at this time? In fact, it is very simple, that is, the wall of the kitchen is divided into two parts, the wall between the cabinet and the wall cabinet is one, and the rest is two, and what we introduce today is the latter one – suitable for full floor wall tiles.

1. If you want a sunny kitchen, don’t go for so-called “elegant light gray bricks.”
2. Stay away from glossy tiles and choose matte tiles.
3. Do not choose large bricks such as 300*300 and 300*600, because the size of the bricks must match the space size of the kitchen, and most of our kitchens are not suitable for such a size.

1. The aligned paving method will make the overall space look more regular and orderly, while the I-shaped paving method will be more lively and changeable.
2. Black or gray can be considered for beautiful seams. The visual contrast of black seams will be stronger, while gray seams are moderate and versatile, especially in some kitchens with narrow spaces, gray seams will look better than black seams.
3. For the aligned paving method, large brick slots or hanging nets can be considered (the second link above), while the I-shaped paving method can only be collaged one by one, so the labor cost of the aligned paving method will be much lower. Especially suitable for those who are on a budget.

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