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2022-07-272 minute read

Interior designers choose neutral colors to create a space with rich levels, and deliberately fill the room with second-hand furniture, ceramic antique collections, books and magazines, works of art, print stacks, texture cushions. Make the whole space appear more natural and simple.

Partition is an indispensable design element to divide the space. Its main function is to separate the space, add shielding and layers to the space, but it is not like the whole wall to completely separate the room, but constantly separate it.

With the color of the log, there is no lack of fashionable modernity in the calm, and the young breath is also well exposed. The space area is not large, and the living room, dining room and kitchen are directly integrated into a relatively open space. However, there is a good barrier through modeling, and there is no interference between functional blocks.

As an excellent interior designer, tranquility is his favorite feeling. He believes in simple balance and rich organic texture, and likes simple colors and natural materials. Shamir Shah’s New York apartment stunned the whole North America with its simple and artistic loft design. The whole design was inspired by rural Africa. He worshipped Carol Scarpa and Louis Kahn. Each piece of furniture was designed by him himself, using a large number of simple materials. Without luxurious materials, you can also make a very tasteful and handsome design. The key is whether you have a strong heart and good taste. Simple materials and minimalist color design can make space more spiritual and pure, and also make home more artistic.

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