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Modern minimalist interior design

2022-09-012 minute read

This is an apartment in Paris, which has been transformed into a spacious residence by the designer. The designer has boldly used textured marble to separate the space. The designer has abandoned the use of saturated color to show a high luxury and elegant environment.The overall style of the living room is simple with white background. The leather sofa makes the whole space present a high-level and delicate feeling. The wall design with very structure makes people look clean and concise.

The kitchen and dining room are connected by floor glass, cleverly separated, beautiful, clean at the same time, or full of light, dark mesa is not only dirty and beautiful, generous design looks very comfortable.The design of the restaurant is relatively simple, using a round table, making the whole space is very soft, to create a sense of warmth, as well as hanging pictures, showing a soft and full, so that it is more in line with the dining environment.

The bedside of the room is made of dark wood grain, luxurious and beautiful. The light bed is matched with carpet, especially gentle, which makes people more relaxed during the rest time in the room.What stylist makes the bathroom structure is very clear, symmetrical and balanced, lavabo and bathtub are used classic design, circular mirror added aesthetic feeling for the space.

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