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In the garden _ Pursue a real-life scene

2022-07-273 minute read

In terms of landscape, furniture and decoration, minimalism has dominated for many years, but some old-fashioned elements have returned to people’s attention, such as natural materials and “natural” design style.

“We use old sleepers, curved platforms, small and exquisite outdoor furniture and swing chairs to pursue a real-life scene.”

Color contrast is a common use in the fashion industry. However, in garden design, the use of color contrast can also make the outdoor space bright. “This application is mainly to frame or highlight specific plants and regions.” For example, a color on the background wall in the garden can be a clever contrast to the color of potted plants or outdoor sofas.

“Local style” is a popular word in many industries. For the reasons of climate change and ecological needs, designers will follow local norms and standards in the selection of materials, in addition to using native plants that are unique to this area in their gardens. For example, the selection and treatment of surface permeable materials and surface runoff should be more in line with local characteristics.

In gardens, large gardens have long been characterized by large manicured lawns. However, considering the complexity of drying, water shortage, fertilization, pest control and other maintenance, alternative lawns are now very popular. “We use a lot of mixed lawns, which do not need pruning, and can grow higher, which is more like the meadow grassland style.

Recently, the color dyeing garden has gradually sprung up, that is, planting some plants can be used to dye some textiles, threads and clothes. Choose your favorite color and style, and use it as halo dyeing material after picking. The plants in this kind of garden include vegetables, fruits and some flower plants that attract pollinating insects. Therefore, we can also mix and match vegetable orchards and color dyeing orchards.

For designers, the practice of choosing a style and sticking to it to the end is out of date. In the past, mix and match style was unacceptable, but now people are beginning to agree with these practices. People no longer like traditional and modern styles, but how to combine them. They use modern elements in the garden, and retain some traditional and original elements in the modern garden. Eclecticism is not the ultimate goal of mix and match design, but to create collision and make some elements form a strong contrast through thoughtful design.

The playground in the garden is no longer just a place for children. “We are now required to upgrade many sports venues, such as the throwing field, pet playground, dining area, barbecue area and hammock leisure area.” Therefore, gardens that provide areas for adults and family sports are becoming more and more popular. Another trend is that sports facilities and equipment are no longer independent structures, but fully integrated into the whole design. For example, playing for children is not just a sandpit, but a dramatic comprehensive game space to give play to children’s ability to imagine, explore and participate.

More and more small gardens need to be designed as low maintenance gardens. In this case, low shrubs are a savior. “We are looking for a way to be innovative and get rid of frequently maintained planting schemes, such as the use of low shrubs and evergreen plants.” Shrubs are low maintenance plants, and low shrubs are suitable for small gardens.

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