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How to clean the dust in the whole room

2022-08-0656 second read

Preliminary preparation
Clean the room of sundries. Clean all the sundries in the house so that the next cleaning process is simpler and more efficient; Take the fabric out of the room to shake off the dust; Replace the filter screen of the vacuum cleaner and air conditioner to filter the dust floating in the air.

Clean ceiling and walls
Clean the dust on the ceiling with a broom or a vacuum cleaner; Wipe the lamps, ceiling fans and air vents in the room; Wipe the walls, doors and door frames with wet cloth; Wipe windows and sill plates; Clean and wipe all surfaces.

Cleaning individual items
Wipe most decorations and other articles with microfiber cloth; Clean electronic equipment with compressed air and vacuum cleaner; Use a dry brush to remove the dust accumulated in the gaps and small and fragile articles; Cleaning fabrics and plush toys; Vacuum the upholstered furniture in the room.

Finish cleaning
Remove furniture and electrical appliances and remove the dust under them; Wipe the fender; Clean carpets and blankets with a vacuum cleaner; Sweeping and mopping; Return all items to their original places.

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