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Home office furniture _ Magical and beautiful furniture design

2022-07-2757 second read

OGE creativegroup, an Israeli design company, recently designed a bird’s nest shaped bed inspired by the bird’s nest. The round shallow basin design, supplemented by the bird’s nest structure made of wood, and the pillows like bird eggs, give people an impulse to lie in it for a nap. The design team of OGE creativegroup said that this bed is based on ergonomics, and it will be very comfortable whether lying or sitting.

Guatemalan designer Alejandro Estrada recently designed a chair called “PIPO” for furniture manufacturer piegatto, which is made of plywood. The designer wants to use a single material to make a chair with integrated visual sense and comfort, which extends outward from the backrest to the armrest, and the legs of the chair retract to the center of the bottom, showing a graceful line outline.

Sandra Garc í A and Sergio Mendoza, two designers of Wao design studio, recently exhibited a newly designed portable bicycle support at the Barcelona Design Museum. The shape is very simple. Just two bent steel bars are clamped between two round rods made of Mediterranean fir, which is enough to bear its function as a support.

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