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Home office furniture

2022-09-032 minute read

In fact, the home office did not appear in recent years, its earliest prototype was in the 18th century in Europe. At that time, the nobility’s library at home was equipped with office furniture as a dedicated office to show that they were well educated, but they did not enter the homes of the middle class.

From the 1990s, home offices became more common and popular. Until 2020, the pandemic has brought about dramatic changes in people’s work habits and environment, and the integration of work and living spaces has forced people working from home to reconsider the function and design of their homes. Some new words have even been derived, such as “Zoom room”, which is to create a home office space with a better video conference background.

Nearly 39% of 20-30-year-olds in the United States have purchased home office space and supplies during the epidemic, and investment has also increased. Nearly 25% of millennials said they spent $500 to $999, and 7.5% spent $2,500 or more to renovate their home office.

As people suddenly transitioned to working and learning from home, the functions of every space in the home became mixed and blurred. In fact, the “home office” that most families really need is a space to work from home, not a reserved office.
Therefore, the dining area at home can be a family’s “dining room”, a child’s “classroom”, or an “office”, as long as your “package” can be used as home decorative furniture and office furniture at the same time. Taking the design of a desk for home office as an example, it requires more comprehensive consideration of size, finish, desktop space distribution, drawer settings, etc.

When people buy home office furniture, they prefer desks and chairs with wheels, because they can be moved flexibly, which means more applicable scenarios; some manufacturers have developed desks with multiple drawers, USB ports, and power supplies, which solve the problem of consumption. It can solve many problems such as user storage files, wire management, charging settings, etc., which is very popular in the market.

Therefore, the functional design of home office furniture is much more than the traditional office design – a collection that can be adapted to switch between multiple environments.

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