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Home office desk _ Magical art office

2022-07-272 minute read

The French “kwerk” joint office brand stems from the wonderful ideas of its two founders, Albert angel, a Congolese architect, and Lawrence knights, a French British entrepreneur. The two often travel around the world, and combine the inspiration of the journey with different cultural elements to create a strange atmosphere with both stage effects and art galleries.

The 2200 square meter joint office building was rebuilt from a five story apartment building and designed by the founder himself. “Isolation is the old enemy of creativity.” Albert angel said, “so we need to create a workspace that can interact and inspire.” The color matching with thick ink and heavy colors and the sculptures and artistic devices that can be seen everywhere make here filled with magical artistic colors and luxurious and comfortable hotel temperament.

The working and living space in this small town in Kyoto is transformed from a Japanese style old house. The couple who live in it are the gallery owner and the creative director of food. The biggest expectation of the couple for the house is to integrate the tea room, guest room, art gallery and study. While retaining the original Japanese style layout of the building, the designers repaired and widened the interior of the house as necessary.

The designer used as much natural wood purchased locally as possible, and the traces of hand polishing can be felt everywhere in the house. Floating windows are widely used in the building, which perfectly combines the indoor and outdoor gardens, with the charm of one window and one scene.

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