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Home office desk

2022-08-273 minute read

Many contemporary residences feature work locations at home. We tend to bring our laptops and documents with us in the hope that after get off work we will be dealing with unresolved issues. While it’s not a habit I tend to encourage, the collection below for the modern office is worth exploring. From functional desks and many storage areas to original items, the room’s ordinary, labored territory is teeming with trendy ideas. No matter how small the distribution area, there are many solutions that are broader, functional and also stylish. Lamps, spots, posters, colorful utensils, flower pots, maps and books – they all contribute to your good feeling while working. have a look!

This modern office feels strong and stable, suitable for a male interior. A palette of light grey furniture and silver accent patterned wallpapers. The desk has two cabinets on either side, allowing users to easily access documents, files, pens, pencils and more. It is quite generous in length, providing space for two people at the same time. The chandelier is fixed to the ceiling, thus saving space on the desk.

Playful and fresh for the modern office. You use hot colors, contemporary furniture and “crazy” decorative items. Also, you can practice your creativity every day. Install a chalkboard on the table in front of you and start drawing! You can also take notes, put an agenda on the wall or let messages be heard for your family. Listen to the composition and listen to live by fixing shelf pots and books.

Fresh air, sunshine, isolation from a noisy house, freedom – all these ingredients I recommend you install your office. Above is a transparent glass worktop, fixed to two wooden structures. This makes the space feel airy and open. I like to floor lamps from the face and supervise the action.

This pure white desk is a black insert. Many decorative items are used to attract attention and create an interesting composition on the desk. I love the style of the wallpaper close to the work area: notes, photos, posters, drawings, pencils, etc. are glued together in an organized mess.

It looks like parquet is starting a climbing wall, but it’s a really fun way to highlight a work place in a room (this is recommended when you’re installing an office in your living or bedroom, for example, where you don’t allow separate spaces). The board brings a natural look to the area and also makes for an inspiring mix of shelves and storage boxes. Don’t forget to add color to enliven the space.

Most of the time, this is a very practical combination. You work on your project, but you also have access to magazines, dictionaries, maps, records and more. All you have to do is settle for two or three shelves in front of the desk, in various sizes and lengths, to make the layout feel airy and well-organized. On the shelf as an exhibition – photo, sculpture, vase or souvenir animation atmosphere.

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