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Home interior _ Small and beautiful home store

2022-07-282 minute read

Norman Copenhagen is a design company founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. It became popular with the Norm69 chandelier. Its brand spirit is “less is more”. The store is located in an abandoned cinema in Copenhagen’s East Bridge District (Ø sterbro). All the furniture, vases, seats and other goods in the store reflect Normann’s style. You can take bus line 1a to the Triangle station.

Min ä perhonen is a fashion brand. “Koti” means family in Finnish. This fresh and bright furniture store is located on the first floor of the T-site complex in Xiangnan, Tokyo.

Blom&blom, founded by two brothers, is different from other recommendations. It is more like a feelings studio. I like to look for abandoned items in abandoned corners during the journey, mostly in factories and military complexes in East Germany. And their favorite is all kinds of industrial lights, because they believe that “light is the element that affects the atmosphere”. In addition to a store in the warehouse North of Amsterdam, there is also a studio in Berlin.

Every time you go to South Korea, you need to go to butterer to see their interesting designs, especially the Coex store in the shopping center of Sancheng station in Seoul and the Lotte World Shopping Center store at the exit of No. 1, silkworm station, line 2 and line 7. Their fast fashion design integrates many cartoon elements and color matching, which makes people love it. The price advantage is also one of the reasons why it is popular with young people. Most of the items are less than 100 yuan. The shadow of butter household products can also be seen in many Korean dramas.

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