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Extremely delicate interior design

2022-09-042 minute read

Every design work of the one architectural has a corresponding design concept. This design project is based on modern elegance as the design concept, not only in the selection of materials is extremely delicate, but also from the classic jump out.

This time, the designer used the elegance of lines and the meticulous color to make the indoor living space in the busy city life have a distinct theme-full of strong healing feeling, which is a very warm design.

If you want the space to have a sense of elegance and elegance, you will often use curves to match it, and this designer is no exception. The single seat in the living room is designed with different colors and the same style, which not only creates a sense of fashion but also makes the space look fuller.

The dining area uses green as an ornament to enter people’s eyes, which brings people a very comfortable feeling visually. The marble dining table is also very characteristic, which is matched with the chandelier with a sense of modeling, which makes the dining area full of artistic sense of ceremony.

The partition between the living room and the kitchen adopts transparent corrugated screen, which gives people a sense of metaphor, while the corrugations bring some simple elegance. In addition, the ripple is also very energetic.

Sometimes the rational use of color can play a very good role. Just like the design of the second floor, the designer widened the space well with diversified colors, and a series of interesting furniture made the space full of fun.

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