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Home decoration

2022-09-032 minute read

As the first impression of the entry, the fishbone and wooden floor are laid out from the porch to the bedroom, connecting different spatial patterns and creating a consistent natural temperament. The storage cabinet with the screen function is made of Alpine flower and grass boards, so that people can smell the faint fragrance when they return home, and obtain a full sense of healing.

The extended TV cabinet, on the one hand, carries a rotatable TV stand, and on the other hand, also divides the boundary between the guest dining room and the kitchen, and at the same time allows the interior to maintain the circulation of light and sight, and to know the dynamics of each other.

The living room adopts a more casual furniture configuration. The pink sofa bed is quite comfortable and relaxing to sit or lie down, completely releasing the pressure and emotions of working all day. The kitchen chooses gray cabinets with pink walls and gold bar chairs to create a soft and luxurious atmosphere, so that the couple can enjoy a comfortable afternoon tea time. The white round table of the restaurant and the green round table of the balcony complement each other, eliminating the distance between indoor and outdoor, and introducing the green mountain scenery outside the window, allowing people to immerse themselves in the beautiful scenery while dining.

The large-area display cabinet combined with lighting expresses the elegant aesthetic taste of the owner. The master bedroom continues the sweetness and playfulness of pink. A hanging chair is planned beside the bed to provide holiday reading for the hostess and the hostess. At the end of the bed, a glass partition is used to divide the dressing table area, so that the hostess can get up lazily and dress up. The dressing room and bathroom also meet the daily needs of couples, so that life has the dream of a fairy tale and the comfort of reality.

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