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Greek salad dressing _ Authentic European slow life

2022-07-272 minute read

It was not until a Greek dish was brought to you that you almost calmed down and found yourself on an island with a strong Mediterranean flavor. What is around you is not quarrel and complexity, but the authentic European slow life. Or you can take a stroll around the Greek vegetable market, especially vegetarians, who will find a vast world in Greece.

The Greeks continued the ancient Greek dietary habits, preferring vegetables and fruits, producing more and eating less. You don’t need salad dressing to make salad. It’s usually drizzled with olive oil, pepper and a piece of feta cheese. The main source of meat for the Greeks is mutton, in addition to sea fish. Unlike people in other European countries, they are obsessed with beef. Mutton pie is the representative dish of Greece. It is made by baking shredded meat, diced eggplant, mashed potato, cheese and pasta.

That is, the Greek platter is an appetizer composed of cold dishes and hot dishes. Vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and cheese can all become the contents of the platter. You can also regard this platter as a small exhibition of Greek dishes. People who are not sure how to order at the moment can first ask for a platter, try what is more delicious, and then decide what to choose as the main dish. (don’t point to eating the platter, the actual weight is not so large)

The ancient Greeks regarded drinking as a degenerate behavior and drank only on a few occasions. They never thought that future generations would drink anise as a necessity for every meal. Anise wine is very popular in Mediterranean countries. As a national wine, I’m afraid only Greece.

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