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Garden wall art

2022-08-2350 second read

The landscape wall is also one of the important links in the landscape design of the villa courtyard, which can play the role of the finishing touch and the icing on the cake. A good landscape wall design can make it the visual focus of the villa garden and improve the grade and temperament of the villa courtyard landscape.

So how to create a villa outdoor courtyard landscape wall? Today, I have carefully collected and sorted out the real picture cases of villa outdoor courtyard garden landscape wall design for you. I hope you can get some ideas and inspiration for villa courtyard landscape wall design and decoration from these cases.

As a kind of environmental art sketch, the artistic landscape wall has a high aesthetic value, and is mainly expressed visually through elements such as color, material and shape. In addition to being used for blocking, leaking and background in common gardens, landscape walls are also endowed with specific cultural connotations in different styles of gardens.

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