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Garden design experience – garden tables and chairs

2022-08-144 minute read

Garden furniture products have been developed for many years, and there may be limited choices. However, if you are a person who often pays attention to outdoor furniture, you have also gained a lot in these years.

This integral type can be designed or customized, and the advantage is that it can shield the wind and rain. Swing chair is a commonly used outdoor leisure chair. Most families with children will choose this chair.

Most garden designs are primary and secondary, or the flowering ratio of garden plants is different according to the season. The primary consideration in the selection of garden tables and chairs is the material, such as antiseptic wood, used wood, solid wood, rattan, bamboo, canvas, iron, resin, metal, stone, etc. According to the space of the garden, the colors give people different vision and the heaviness of the main design, and the materials selected are also different. The visual space is open, there are not many plants, and the lawn area is relatively large. Generally, leisure tables and chairs of lighter materials are selected. Iron tables can be selected for small western gardens, and wooden tables and chairs can be selected for idyllic gardens.
The cottage with brick and tile structure is matched with old tables and chairs. The most important thing is the soft decoration design. The directly used seat cushions and cushions of rural style echo the color of bricks and tiles. The style of the whole courtyard is different from the above figure.

Hydrangea garden is a heavy visual effect with simple colors. The tables and chairs selected by the owner are also made of wood, but the cushions are red, which makes people bright. According to the color of the surrounding flower racks and garden decoration, white chair cushions are selected. The small garden above gives a small and fresh feeling. Make a suit design with the same material as the flower rack, and the overall feeling is better. Of course, families pursuing high quality still like such matching.

The projection of the metal hollow out chair on the wooden floor through the reflection of sunlight is very poetic. People who love to take photos pay particular attention to such details. In the rattan chair on the terrace, holding a cushion, basking in the sun and taking a nap are the most enjoyable things. Looking at the flowers and plants on the clean terrace, you can definitely get inspiration. Make a fire in winter and get warm. Campfire parties can also be held as long as you want.

Let’s take a look at the courtyard in the European style design. The matching iron tables and chairs do not need to be very rough. But the dark tables and chairs are matched with the light coffee shade. Is a cup of mocha just enough to satisfy your stomach? It is also a good way to match iron tables and chairs with railings, which is very neat and harmonious. In addition, for the theme of the house, selecting a corresponding tablecloth is also an essential element in the design. Isn’t the small bamboo table very special? Many stores have such unique products. If you find them carelessly, you will treasure them. At present, rattan chairs are widely used in the garden, and their prices are soaring year after year. Many Garden hotels also use such rattan tables and chairs, which are more environmentally friendly.

If the large flower rack on the tall is made into a white glass sunshine room, it is estimated that it is not bad? I’m always worried about what to do when it rains. Hehe, so the table can’t be too heavy, or the girls can’t move it~ The Mediterranean style of white and green, white and blue, is really lasting for a hundred years, and it is durable to match. Small fresh, small romance does not need complicated color matching. Simplicity is eternity.

In addition to providing a comfortable rest area, the garden home can also be used as a garden decoration, especially for soft decoration. How to design it needs the wisdom of everyone. The materials and color patterns of tablecloths, table flags, cushions and other fabrics, as well as the selection and matching of vases on the table, can be well planned. However, I remind you to pay attention to details while not forgetting the original purpose of practicality.

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