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friendship garden _ Home garden design ideas

2022-07-272 minute read

The arched garden full of flowers is the most desirable place in every girl’s heart.
The romantic and dreamy friendship garden is loved by everyone. An arch full of vines and flowers, so you can have a garden that only exists in fairy tales. When the black iron door meets the natural green, it can instantly change the whole garden. Sitting in such a garden, will you envy those heroes and heroines in TV?

Brilliant colors instantly brighten people’s eyes.
Such a corner of the friendship garden is really amazing. The vibrant green plants, clear flowerpots and the low-grade combination of various colors on the ground make the whole space full of dazzling colors. You might as well add more decorations of other colors to your garden, which will change the monotony of green.

Sit under the cherry blossoms and watch the flowers bloom and fade.
The friendship garden at home has a large peach tree or cherry tree, which can play a different effect. When the breeze blows, the petals of the trees fall one after another, and the people sitting below are covered by the petals. It’s all pink and tender colors, how can people not love it!

The part extending from the wooden house is also good as part of the garden.
Put a small chair and a small tea table at the door to see the confusion and flowers blooming and fading in the hospital, which is also a kind of mood. Green is a tender color, and pink is not too much. The pink courtyard decoration and blue floor mats add a lot of sweet temperament of little girls to the garden. At the same time, the texture of wood and the natural flavor of the whole garden are also very harmonious.

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