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fried chicken _ North American Fried Chicken Top List

2022-08-254 minute read

As a major feature of the American diet, of course, crispy and delicious fried chicken cannot be ignored. When it comes to fried chicken, 99% of people only know KFC. Besides KFC, what other brands do they like?

NO.1 Church’s Chicken
This brand, founded in 1952, is as famous as KFC in the United States.

Top1-Spicy Chicken
Simple and rude, one word: spicy! This is a good choice for those who don’t like spicy food.

Top2-Tender strips
Although it was a chicken breast, it was tender and not chai. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, um, I’ve confirmed his eyes, he’s a good cook.

Top3-Honey Butter Biscuits
Unlike other brands of honey muffins, Church’s Chicken’s honey muffins are less pie-like because they are ball-shaped. However, this does not affect its soft and sweet taste.

Top4-Boneless Wings
I like to eat chicken wings, but every time I have to remove the bones, I have to eat small bites, not enough? Hey, do you want to know about boneless spicy chicken wings? Big mouthful of meat, spicy and fragrant, not too cool!

Top5-Mashed Potatoes

Church’s Chicken’s mashed potatoes are very uniform, and friends who like delicate and dense texture must try it

NO.2 Popeyes
Created in 1972, Louisiana Flavor. Compared with other brands of fried chicken, it features that the chicken is wrapped with spices before frying, which is full of flavor.

Top1-Bonafide Chicken
Since it is a classic, it must be recognized by most foodies. Food certified, how can you not try it?

Top2-Red beans and rice
Delicate red beans and soft glutinous rice, this combination is still very novel, occupying the second place on the Top list, of course it is worth a try.

Top3-Chicken po-boy
The sandwich absorbs the oil from the fried chicken fillet and also incorporates the aroma of the fried chicken fillet. When fried chicken fillets meet sandwiches, who is it? It’s still messy when you cut it, but it’s more realistic to take a bite.

NO.3 Bojangles
Bojangles is a chain brand in the southeastern United States. Featuring crispy and juicy fried chicken and butter muffins.

Top1-Tailgate Special
After eating chicken for many years, which part is the best? Let’s have a fried chicken set meal.

Top2-Cajun Filet Sandwich
Spicy chicken fillet with cucumber, lettuce, meat and vegetables, the fragrance of vegetables and the tenderness of chicken, delicious and nutritious. You are beautiful and you deserve it.

NO. 4 Chick-Fil-A
The biggest feature of Chick-Fil-A is the combination of fried chicken and breakfast, so that people can eat crispy and delicious fried chicken early in the morning. Compared to other fried chickens, Chick-Fil-A’s chicken is fried with a thin coating of dough.

Top1-Chicken Biscuits
When fried chicken meets butter, what kind of peculiar spark will it collide? You can only feel it, but you can try it yourself. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Top2 – Spicy chicken sandwich
One bite, the soft hamburger is wrapped in crunchy and spicy fried chicken, and then chewed carefully, the tender chicken slides over the tip of the tongue… As a foodie, Little Sweet Orange is serious.

Top3-Chick-fil-A Nuggets
One bite at a time, dipped in all kinds of sauces you like, your mouth is full and your heart is warm.

NO. 5 Raising Cane’s
Friends who like to eat chicken fillets must not miss it, because this is a brand specializing in chicken fillet packages. But there are few in the Northeast, with only one chain in Boston. A little sorry.

Top1-The Box Combo
Includes all products in the store. Chicken fillets, dipping sauce, toast, chips, cabbage salad. Simply not too rich. One set of all-you-can-eat, specializing in difficult choices.

Top2-The Canican Combo
As the name suggests, of course, it is more than the small set meal. The big stomach king can consider it.

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