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Flower Dome

2022-08-262 minute read

Large-scale horticultural glass sculpture exhibition by American artist. Top-of-the-line glass artwork and carefully designed Flower Dome floral backdrops blend together to create a magical world.

In the cloud forest (Cloud Forest) in the garden, a dark blue long glass sculpture is installed, which is integrated with the waterfall sprinkled from the height. Yellow-green glass plants appear in the small pond, and the curved leaves make them Appears to be lifelike. This fantastic sculpture is installed in the grass, like a tall and large “sun flower”, full of vitality. A variety of exquisite glass sculptures are also placed in the Flower Dome, creating a special fantasy in the sea of ​​flowers. This pink transparent small glass sculpture looks like coral in the underwater world. There are also many large sculptures on display in the outdoor garden, which are free for the public who come to the park to enjoy.

One of the highlights is the various types of glass sculptures installed on small boats, which are particularly eye-catching! Here is a boat full of colorful colored glass balls, many of which float dreamily in the water. In another place in the water, colorful “candies” also appeared floating in the water, which is definitely a place that children like. This is the first art exhibition that came to Singapore from Seattle, the United States, is very rare, don’t miss it.

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