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Fish and Chips

2022-08-243 minute read

“Fish and chips” is delicious freshly fried. The crispy, tender and greasy fish, the thick, crunchy and glutinous fries, complemented by the acidity of vinegar and the re-casting of mayonnaise sauce, all are showing a rich sense of saturation and the fear of gaining weight at the same time. Guilt produces a “sweet guilt”.

“Fish and chips”, known as Britain’s “national dish”, consists of flour-coated haddock and coarse fries deep-fried at high temperature. This very common snack is said to have appeared in England a long time ago. Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” mentioned it, which was a novel in the 19th century. Agatha Christie’s “The Mystery of the Seven-Faced Clock” in the 20th century shows that London’s bustling Tottenham Street was a former slum where there were “fish and chips” and “no. too clean.” This is consistent with history. The first fish and chip shops in London were concentrated in Tottenham Court Road, St Pancras, The Strand and other areas. However, “fish and chips” was considered cheap at the time, but it was also very popular. After dancing for half an hour, the hero and heroine of “The Mystery of the Seven-faced Clock” still ate a “fish and chips” before going home. In “Murder on Order,” Agatha Christie’s London streetscapes also featured “red buses,” “underground,” and “fish and chips.”

When freshly fried fish and chips come out of the pan, be sure to sprinkle them with salt first. The unique coarse sea salt particles unique to the United Kingdom are sprinkled on the freshly fried high-temperature fish and chips to melt naturally (melt), and finally served with vinegar specially prepared by the fast food restaurant – not the same as what we buy in the supermarket, authentic ” “Fish and chips” vinegar needs to be diluted in a certain proportion to get the right acidity. All kinds of high temperature and fast hands can produce a package of just right “fish and chips”, and you must eat them many times before you can sum up your favorite addition method. More authentic fish and chip shops will wrap a layer of greaseproof paper before wrapping with Broadsheet paper to prevent a lot of oil from seeping into the outer thick paper. So the highest level of “fish and chips” packaging is to see only a little oil oozing on the outer packaging paper instead of most of it. After opening, a strong aroma unique to fish and chips immediately hit the nostrils.

A whole piece of fried fish that ends up in front of us usually appears to be very large, and the use of a knife and fork is contrived and unnecessary, and the British generally eat it with their hands. You can tear off a small piece of fish with your hands, dip it in mayonnaise sauce or nothing, and have another bite of chips.

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