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fancy lights for home decoration

2022-08-232 minute read

In home design, the importance of home lighting is self-evident. If you want a better environment, you can choose home lighting to match and decorate. However, there are many types of lamps, and their uses are different according to different space environments. Common chandeliers, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, etc., so how to choose home lighting?

1. Dining Room Furniture Lighting
Generally, when it comes to home lighting in restaurants, warm light is the best choice, which can not only make the atmosphere of the dining room more warm and comfortable, but also increase appetite. Because the dining room sometimes has oil fume and the like, so we have to be ready to scrub at any time, so we can try to choose acrylic, glass and other materials for the lampshade, because these materials are relatively easy to scrub.

2. Bedroom furniture lighting
There are various kinds of lamps in the bedroom, such as ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, etc. can be installed in the bedroom, but it is also recommended to use a softer light for the light. After all, if we rest, the light is too bright and it is not conducive to sleep. You can also install a different kind of fun.

3. Study furniture and lighting
For the home lighting in the study room, too harsh light will make our eyes uncomfortable if we look at it for a long time, so we should choose a softer light. At this time, you can choose LED light, because this kind of light is closer to natural light and will be more Stability will naturally not have a big impact on long-term reading. It is not recommended that you use fluorescent lamps, because fluorescent lamps will flicker over time, and long-term flickering will be bad for your eyes.

4. Bathroom furniture lighting
The bathroom is generally the place where the most moisture is generated in the home, and since the requirements for brightness are not particularly high, you can choose to install a ceiling lamp, which is convenient for daily cleaning and can also be better because of the ceiling lamp shade. Lose.

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