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Drawing room wall design

2022-09-063 minute read

The living room is the facade of a home. Although the wall as the background of the living room is not conspicuous, it reflects the temperament and taste of the owner. How to design the living room wall that is bright and classic for guests? Today, Komori will take you to find out what other ways to play on the living room wall besides painting the large white wall and sticking wallpaper.

Whether it is a large apartment or a small apartment, we will divide the space into functional areas through the living room background wall. In the TV installation, there will inevitably be side leakage that affects the appearance, so the background wall will be used to make up for it.

Facing the dark or bright color and messy TV background wall for a long time can easily cause visual fatigue. Light or dark tones can relieve visual fatigue and adjust people’s mood to a certain extent. Painting is one of the most conservative options most people think of. The large white wall is not only simple, fashionable, classic, and low-cost, but also leaves room for imagination. I feel that the big white wall is too dull, just changing the color of the wall will make the space more layered. Gray-blue and gray are very suitable for decorating the living room wall, which is neither too ostentatious nor cold, and is definitely the first choice.

The bare walls are too dull? Then hang the paintings. You can choose from abstract paintings and landscape paintings to instantly enhance the appearance of the living room. In the large living room, you can choose a large-sized single picture to create an open and bright atmosphere. Various hanging methods will make the home more refined and tasteful. The color of the painting should not be too complicated. It is best to choose the color of soft accessories such as curtains or sofas.

The living room wall can also be a storage display cabinet, which can be customized according to storage needs. There are various choices such as through-top storage cabinets, storage lattices, low cabinets, multiple small cabinet combinations, shelves, and niches. It is very convenient to take items. At the same time practical and aesthetic. Ceramic tiles are highly wear-resistant and easy to clean. In addition to the rich patterns of natural stone, they can also truly restore the texture of wood to meet different needs. The only disadvantage is that if you are not satisfied and want to reinstall it, it is time-consuming and laborious.

The wooden background injects a warm atmosphere into the space and is suitable for many styles of decoration, especially Scandinavian, Neo-Chinese and Japanese styles. Glass partition background wall is more and more favored by everyone. It has the advantages of good lighting, sound insulation, fire prevention, environmental protection, easy installation and cleaning, etc., so the use scene is also very rich. The combination of large white wall + plaster line can bring us a simple, elegant and noble visual effect, which perfectly interprets what is called “low-key luxury”. Wall painting refers to paintings drawn on natural or artificial walls by drawing, sculpture or other modeling means, and can be customized according to the decoration style and color, as well as the owner’s preferences. Exquisite wall paintings will definitely make friends who come to your home for the first time very surprised. It should be noted that the selected patterns should be as simple and generous as possible, so as not to cause too much pressure on the space.

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