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Drawing room interior design

2022-08-212 minute read

In order to meet the owner’s inner dream of the home, at the beginning of the design, the designer directly adopted a simple style of the boutique apartment in Kiev, through a cold and warm style, began to design. Let the whole family filled with warm home feeling.

After entering the lobby of the light luxury apartment, the first thing to see is the open living room and rest area, although the surface is simple, it is also characteristic. In addition, in order to meet the needs of the owners, the designer will also think about the space separate, it has to be said that the use of this partition is not only not rigid, but also has a strong liquidity, is it prominent features?

The main and guest rooms and restaurants of the apartment are connected together, which can make good use of the size of the space. In addition, the whole warm wood finish and the design style of the chandelier, once again will be simple light luxury style, but also show the taste of the owner.

There is no extra color to embellish the bedroom, but make the whole bedroom brighter. In addition, designers through simple white, so that the owner’s mind to be purified while achieving maximum indoor relaxation.

It is unique and has a lot of mysterious bathroom, directly surrounded by black atmosphere. Such a design not only appears delicate but also does not lack stability. In addition, designers also use translucent glass partition, directly dry and wet areas to do a good separation, highlight temperament.

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