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drawing room design

2022-08-2354 second read

A luxury apartment of 180㎡, a large area of black design set off a spacious atmosphere, designers through the shape of the wall and a little decoration, to create a romantic atmosphere. L sofa occupies the main part of the living room, the central marble coffee table is also consistent with its collocation, the coffee table is covered with natural lines, the coffee table is placed in the middle of the area, it is particularly textured, The gradual black carpet lining sofa area is particularly comfortable, making the living room more diversified.

There is a beautiful small side table hidden in the corner of the sofa for temporary storage of items, both convenient and beautiful. With concrete deliberately to create a mottled aesthetic wall, the lamp belt hidden behind the black and white circle, with the beautiful pattern of the wall, shining the sun like halo. The vertical bookshelf next to it.

In color and material and wall form a certain contrast, the entire space has become more diversified. This side of the wall focuses on industrial wind, uniform colors make it more solid.

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