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Dining Room_ The simpler, the more elegant

2022-08-142 minute read

The simple combination of tables and chairs delimits the dining area in the open space. The foldable table is convenient to move and can make room for necessary activities at any time. The glass sliding door separates the restaurant from the small balcony, creating a comfortable dining environment for the restaurant.

The irregular E-shaped wall serves as a partition and also serves as a display platform for goods, beautifying the dining room space; The antique wooden dining table and the fashionable leather dining chair create a unique charm.

The hollow out wall and sliding door partition the living room and the dining room, and the wooden bar is connected with the wall to partition the dining room and the kitchen. The three halls are independent in space, but visually connected, thus making the room more spacious. The wooden tables and chairs are simple and environmental friendly, creating a fresh and natural dining atmosphere for the restaurant.

The combination of the three-dimensional background wall, the square bathroom space separating the dining room and the living room, and the three-dimensional ceiling with irregular appearance makes the whole living space very three-dimensional and picturesque. Wooden floor with white wall and ceiling, simple and natural and versatile.

The white shelf naturally blends into the background, creating a storage space and beautifying the stair wall. The stairs leading to the lower floor are embedded in the floor, which greatly saves the space of the attic.

The ceiling of the restaurant leads to the outside, absorbing the natural light and extending the depth of the restaurant. The distinctive design makes people feel bright.

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